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Honeywell Fan Control L4064B Snap Disc Conversion Kit Junction box w/Cover & Ground Wire
Snap Disc Conversion Kit
Our Price: $85.00
Adjustable temperature settings control the on & off settings of blower on your furnace and also limit the draft blower from overheating the furnace.  Refer to Model reference for applicable furnace models. Snap disc conversion kit.  (Replaces L4068A fan control). Replacement junction box with cover & ground wire used on many DAKA furnace models.
Fan Control, Snap Disc - 120°F closed / 100°F open Transformer/Relay R8285A Wall Thermostat T812A
Transformer/Relay R8285A
Our Price: $125.00
Wall Thermostat T812A
Our Price: $30.00

Non-adjustable fan control for the warm-air distribution blower(s) found on current DAKA furnace models (521, 521FB, 621), also used on many older DAKA models. Turns blower(s) on at 120F and shuts blower(s) off at 100F. (Replaces Part # 58640004).

Replacement transformer/relay found on all DAKA furnace models equipped with forced draft. Adjustable, wall-mounted thermostat found on all DAKA furnace models equipped with forced draft (former Part #T810).
Operating Control, Snap Disc - 190 degrees F open / 170 degrees F closed Wire Set, Blue - 125° Conduit, 54"
Wire Set, Blue - 125°
Our Price: $10.00
Conduit, 54"
Our Price: $20.00

Non-adjustable operating fan control, used to control the small draft blower found on the front of DAKA furnaces that are equipped with forced draft. Open at 190 degrees F, close at 170 degrees F.

2 pc wire Set, Blue - 125° used to wire fan control to distribution blower Flexible conduit, 54"
Conduit Connector, Straight Conduit Connector, 90°
Conduit Connector, 90
Our Price: $12.00
Conduit connector, Straight Conduit connector, 90°