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DAKA Furnace Manuals

DAKA furnace manuals may be viewed or printed from the document links. You must have Adobe Reader installed. To download the latest version of Adobe Reader, click on the following link:

Find Your Model Number

  • Most model numbers are located on an aluminum data plate that is on one of the furnace's exterior panels. Check the front, back or sides. The model number is "stamped" on that plate.

Find Your Serial Number

  • Most serial numbers are also located on that same aluminum data plate.
  • It may or may not begin with the letters "WHI."

BURN WISE - Your Guide to Best Burning Practices

  • This is a supplement to your DAKA Furnace Manual.
Read or Download Burn Wise pdf

Current Furnace Model Manual (Click Model # to download)
Model(s) Manual

Brief Description

521, 521FB Full-size unit, with Cold Air Filter Box (521FB),
without Cold Air Filter Box (521)
621 Full size unit, without Cold Air Filter Box (621)
622, 622FBT Full-size unit w/forced draft
832FB Extra large unit w/forced draft & 1200-CFM direct drive multi-speed blower
Furnace Accessories (Click Model # to download)
Model(s) Manual Brief Description
All Models Moisture Test Meter for Wood
218 Large Multi-Speed Blower & Filter Box Kit

223 Hot-Tube™ Domestic Hot Water Preheater
238 Soft Coal Shaker Grate Kit
253 Forced Draft Conversion Kit
258 Dual Cold Air Filter Box
260 Single Cold Air Filter Box
273 Twin Blower Conversion Kit
283 Barometric Draft Regulator
30720 Firedoor hinge for all models
32205 Auto Damper Repair Kit (furnaces with knob & bi-metal spring)
63610003 500-cfm blower (Dayton 4C445A) - Pre 4/07
63610004 550-cfm blower (Dayton 1TDT2) - Current
L4064B Honeywell Fan Control Instructions
R8285A Honeywell Transformer Relay Instructions

Archived Furnace Manuals
(Click Model # to download)
Model(s) Manual

Brief Description

Mark I - Mark IV 4-leg style
Mark V* 4-leg style
91D 4-leg style
101, 201, 301, 401 4-leg style
101C, 201C, 301C, 401C 4-leg style
301D Full-size unit
311, 411 Full-size unit
401D 4-leg style
451C Full-size unit
501, 601 Full-size unit
501C Full-size unit
511D, 611D Full-size unit
512D, 612D Full-size unit w/forced draft
512DC, 612DC Full-size unit w/forced draft
601C Full-size unit
621 Full-size unit
701 Full-size unit, Proline Series
721, 722, 723 Fireplace inserts/free-standing stove (ie Black Bart)
731 Full-size unit, Superline Series
732* Full-size unit (731 w/forced draft)
801 Full-size unit, Proline Series
812, 912 Full-size unit, Proline Series
822, 922 Full-size unit, Proline Series w/forced draft
832 Full-size unit, Superline Series w/forced draft
901 Full-size unit, Proline Series
B-1000 Wood Burning Boiler

*Manual not available. Contact DAKA